The International Master in Tourism & Leisure at MIB School of Management in Trieste, Italy, is the program for graduates with a passion for tourism, aiming for managerial career at international level.

Participants work in English, in a multi-ethnic classroom with colleagues  from all over the world.

Tourism is a real business, which calls for far-sighted and challenge-oriented managers.

The Master in Tourism couples managerial preparation (Marketing, Strategy, HR, Planning, Organization, Finance) with thorough analysis of the tourism issues.


Important international companies collaborate with the International Master in Tourism offering  challenging project works, company workshop experiences, exclusive internship opportunities and rewarding placement.

Natural professional outlets after graduation are: hospitality management, tour planning, marketing direction, destination management, M.I.C.E. management, consulting, entrepreneurialism, e-tourism.


Is the only Master in tourism accredited by ASFOR and United Nations WTO.

Editions available

Full-time: 12 months

Part time: 24 months, to make people already employed broaden career options.

The Master in Tourism offers:

a solid, technical tourism education a solid business-oriented tourism training   mastery of management processes  specialized working tools for success in the tourism sector  reinforcement of personal capabilities  scholarships for talented candidates opportuni ties to network with companies offering career opportunities.

International Master in Tourism & Leisure at a glance

Begins - 18th October 2010

Admissions deadline - 21st September not EU &  5th October EU

Language - English

Duration - 12 months or 24 part-time

Structure - 8 months lessons and lectures + 4 months internship (or in the field project/internation al exchange)

Participants- From 30 different countries in prior editions

Scholarships - Available

Placement - Last 3 editions: 90% (6 months after graduation)

Tuition - Euro 15.000 (20% VAT not included)

Tourism is one of the most dynamic fields in the international economic landscape; development of the global tourist economy has created a growing need for entrepreneurship and good management as well as a new level of professionalism and skills.
We offer our participants the ideal place to become professionals in this evolving field: a School with a completely international environment, MIB School of Management, in a country with a long history in tourism, Italy.


Francesca Ghersinich
Program Director - Inter. Master in Tourism & Leisure

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